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"I've learned so much more than art. From the training alone, I am literally perceiving the whole world differently."


"I'd easily pay ten times the amount. I went from stick figures to a full portrait!"


"I've learned more in the past year with Evolve, than I have in 9 years of studio education."


"What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?"
~Vincent van Gogh~



Learn how to draw and paint realistic pictures of the things that inspire you with the world's most comprehensive online artist training program.

 Artists' Box of the industry's most trusted premium materials delivered to your doorstep

 Proven, step-by-step instructional courses that teach you the practical skills

 Measurable objectives and milestones to track your progress

 Dedicated instructors to help you every step of the way

 Unlimited one-on-one feedback for all of your work

 Private community of like-minded people to share your successes & find inspiration

 Interactive daily live events with instructors & other students

 Exclusive conferences in our world-renowned studio

Ready To Embrace Your Inner Artist?

"I Searched For A Method That Would Take Me From Where I Was, To Where I Wanted To Be As An Artist. But I Couldn't Find ANYTHING."

~Kevin Murphy, Creator of Evolve

This is Not Your ​Typical "Learn How to Paint" Video Series

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    Here's what everyone's thinking but nobody wants to say - You cannot learn how to paint by watching a professional artist paint portraits.
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    Professional artists know how to paint but few know how to TEACH.
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    Imagine trying to learn another language by listening to audio books in that language. Almost impossible.
  • The secret to learning how to create realistic art is to approach it like any other skill and SYSTEMATICALLY build your knowledge and experience.

If You Can Master A Few Simple Ideas, The Whole World Of Art Opens Up To You.​​​​

Master the Practical Skills

  • Watch as our very own Kevin Murphy guides you through our PROVEN process with detailed, step-by-step instruction videos.
  • No rushing here! We take our time to explain every last detail and break down the steps into manageable chunks.
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    Our guided tracking system sets you up for success by making sure you don't miss any critical learning steps in your journey.
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    Weekly personalized progress emails in your inbox to help keep you on track.

Build Confidence Every Step of the Way

  • Get rapid, personalized feedback with the FASTEST homework feedback system in the industry!
  • Submit your homework exercises as often as you want & get detailed feedback within 24 hours.
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    Progress to your next piece of art with confidence.​
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    Our team of artists are dedicated to making YOUR artistic dreams become a reality by helping you HAVE FUN and pushing you in that meaningful, challenging, & productive way you crave!

Find Your People

  • Share your story and hang out with other like-minded people in our private, students-only community!
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    Have fun, get support & fuel your creative passion!
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    Build lifelong relationships
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    Enjoy live online events with instructors and other students

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If you complete all of the exercises in the Block 1 and are unable to achieve the results presented in each block we will give you a 100% refund. Because of shipping and material costs, to receive your refund you must work through and complete all of the exercises to be eligible to claim a refund.

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