How to Sell Your Art
How to Sell Your Art It can be difficult to find a way to sell your art, but an exclusive gallery[...]
How to Photograph a Painting
How to Photograph a Painting  Transformation of a painting by Piper Talladay (  When photographing your artwork it is always[...]
Oil Painting Mediums
Oil Painting Mediums Cups of linseed oil and alkyd lined up at the Hillsborough Art Academy. Medium is a vehicle[...]
Landscape Painting vs Painting From a Photograph
Landscape Painting vs Painting From a Photograph  John Constable, The Hay Wain (1821). There is a great difference between doing[...]
The Difference Between a Good and Bad Abstract Oil Painting
The Difference Between a Good and Bad Abstract Oil Painting “Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break[...]
World’s Best Oil Paints
the World's Best Oil paints “When you close the door on an expensive car it feels like you've just closed[...]
Creating An Oil Painting Portrait
CREATING AN OIL PAINTING PORTRAIT“A portrait is something that freezes and immortalizes a moment in time forever. "-Kevin MurphyThis post[...]
How To Oil Paint
HOW TO OIL PAINT“All paintings are comprised of three moving parts: values, colors, and edges."-Kevin MurphyGood news, if you’re wondering[...]
Why Is Realism Important?
WHY IS REALISM IMPORTANT?“To the best of my knowledge, I don't believe it's possible to learn art without learning realism."-Kevin[...]
A Beginners’ Guide to Assigning Values in Drawings
A BEGINNERS’ GUIDE TO ASSIGNING VALUES IN DRAWINGS“Your darkest light always has to be lighter than your lightest shadow and[...]
Drawing Techniques: How to Measure and Draw Anything Accurately
DRAWING TECHNIQUES: HOW TO MEASURE AND DRAW ANYTHING ACCURATELY“Being able to draw what you see is the ultimate skill. Each[...]
Organizing Your Oil Paint Set Into A Palette
ORGANIZING YOUR OIL PAINT SET INTO A PALETte Wondering how to set up your oil painting palette? Then you're in[...]
Five Oil Painting Supplies You Need As An Artist
FIVE OIL PAINTING SUPPLIES YOU NEED AS AN ARTISTIt's easy to get overwhelmed by the huge variety of oil painting[...]
How to Clean Oil Paint Brushes
HOW TO CLEAN OIL PAINT BRUSHES "If your brush stays dirty and is damaged you’ll end up with an imprecise[...]
Ultimate Guide to Pencil Sharpeners for Artists
ULTIMATE GUIDE TO PENCIL SHARPENERS FOR ARTISTS Let's talk pencil sharpeners for artists...The recommended pencil sharpener (Staples Heavy Duty Sharpener)[...]
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