Is the Price Right? How to Start Pricing Your Art to Sell
Is the Price Right? How to Start Pricing Your Art to Sell Pricing your art can seem like an impossible[...]
Meet the Evolve Artist: Daniel Folta
Meet the Artist: Daniel Folta Evolve Artist Daniel Folta's "Masquerade" While learning to become a working artist, it can be[...]
Three Tips To Becoming a Productive and Efficient Artist
Three Tips To Becoming an Efficient Artist ​Having a hard time being efficient and productive as an artist? Combat this[...]
How to Make Realistic Cast and Form Shadows
How to Make Realistic Cast and Form Shadows James Gurney’s, “Poet’s Walk” shows the artists command and mastery over light[...]
Do Better Materials Make You a Better Artist?
Do better materials make you a better artist? Quality products can get expensive, but will save you time, money, and[...]
Oil Painting for Beginners: Grayscale Oil Painting Demo
Oil Painting for Beginners: Grayscale Oil Painting Demo Oil painting for beginners must be simplified and clear in order to[...]
4 Beginner Painting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
4 Beginner Painting mistakes and how you can avoid them There are several mistakes that beginning painters may struggle with,[...]
Is Art School Worth the Cost?
Is Art school worth the cost? Is art school the right choice for you? Read on to find out! (An[...]
Is My Painting Finished?
Is My Painting Finished? It can be difficult to know if a painting is done, but by asking yourself one[...]
How to Glaze an Oil Painting
How to glaze an oil painting Some of the Old Holland glazing colors used by the Evolve Program Glazing is[...]
Copying Art: Stealing or an Education?
Copying art: stealing or an education?Christie Neal Hogue ​copies a painting at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.​​​"Art is about expression. So[...]
Why Art Education Needs Rules
Why art Education needs Rules​"Rules are not necessary for painting. Rules are necessary for learning"Education requires rules, and art education[...]
How to Build a Shadow Box for Oil Painting
How to build a shadow box for oil paintingMark Carder’s professional still life set up is quite complex, but anyone[...]
Five Oil Painting Techniques You Should Know
Five Oil Painting Techniques You Should knowThese oil painting techniques can help you begin to create amazing art!At the beginning[...]
Oil Painting Substrates: What Should I Paint On?
Oil Painting Substrates: What Should I Paint On? Finding out what substrate to paint on can be daunting, but with some[...]
Why Art Education Doesn’t Work
Why Art Education Doesn't WorkModern day art education has a high rate of failure. If you've seen or experienced that[...]
How to Sell Your Art
How to Sell Your Art It can be difficult to find a way to sell your art, but an exclusive gallery[...]
How to Photograph a Painting
How to Photograph a Painting Transformation of a painting by Piper Talladay ( When photographing your artwork it is always best to[...]
Oil Painting Mediums
Oil Painting MediumsCups of linseed oil and alkyd lined up at the Hillsborough Art Academy.Medium is a vehicle that's used[...]
Landscape Painting vs Painting From a Photograph
Landscape Painting vs Painting From a Photograph John Constable, The Hay Wain (1821).There is a great difference between doing plein air[...]
The Difference Between a Good and Bad Abstract Oil Painting
The Difference Between a Good and Bad Abstract Oil Painting“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them[...]
World’s Best Oil Paints
the World's Best Oil paints“When you close the door on an expensive car it feels like you've just closed a[...]
Creating An Oil Painting Portrait
CREATING AN OIL PAINTING PORTRAIT“A portrait is something that freezes and immortalizes a moment in time forever. "-Kevin MurphyThis post[...]
How To Oil Paint
HOW TO OIL PAINT“All paintings are comprised of three moving parts: values, colors, and edges."-Kevin MurphyGood news, if you’re wondering[...]
Why Is Realism Important?
WHY IS REALISM IMPORTANT?“To the best of my knowledge, I don't believe it's possible to learn art without learning realism."-Kevin[...]
A Beginners’ Guide to Assigning Values in Drawings
A BEGINNERS’ GUIDE TO ASSIGNING VALUES IN DRAWINGS“Your darkest light always has to be lighter than your lightest shadow and[...]
Drawing Techniques: How to Measure and Draw Anything Accurately
DRAWING TECHNIQUES: HOW TO MEASURE AND DRAW ANYTHING ACCURATELY“Being able to draw what you see is the ultimate skill. Each[...]
Organizing Your Oil Paint Set Into A Palette
ORGANIZING YOUR OIL PAINT SET INTO A PALETteWondering how to set up your oil painting palette? Then you're in the[...]
Five Oil Painting Supplies You Need As An Artist
FIVE OIL PAINTING SUPPLIES YOU NEED AS AN ARTISTIt's easy to get overwhelmed by the huge variety of oil painting[...]
How to Clean Oil Paint Brushes
HOW TO CLEAN OIL PAINT BRUSHES"If your brush stays dirty and is damaged you’ll end up with an imprecise tool[...]
Ultimate Guide to Pencil Sharpeners for Artists
ULTIMATE GUIDE TO PENCIL SHARPENERS FOR ARTISTSLet's talk pencil sharpeners for artists...The recommended pencil sharpener (Staples Heavy Duty Sharpener) is[...]
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