What is Evolve?

What is Evolve?

A proven system to confidently reach artistic mastery

Technical proficiency is the basis of all skillfully produced art. In that, Evolve offers a ground-up program to develop these particular skills for artists at every level—from beginner to advanced.

Evolve’s system demystifies the creative process, breaking it down into just three simple moving parts—value, edge, and color. Command over these basic aspects of art will open up a clear path to producing consistent, high-quality art.

Iris L., Age 17
Standing with “Her Familiars”, recipient of the Art Renewal Center's Da Vinci Initiative Award 2018
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    Step-by-Step Instruction
    Through this program, your understanding of how to build a painting will give you unshakeable confidence every time you sit down to work.
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    Success Redefined
    The strength of any program can be defined by the consistency of student results. In the last decade, this program has produced hundreds of success stories.
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    Mentorship & Benefits
    The Evolve Instructors are there to guide students through each step of the education, helping to ensure your success on a daily basis.

Materials shipped right to your door

Good supplies won’t make you a better artist, but poor ones will hold you back. With Evolve, the finest artist materials are included at no additional cost to make learning as easy and enjoyable as possible.

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Box shows materials included for Blocks 5 & 6. All materials are safe to use indoors, are non-toxic, and do not have harsh odors.

How long will it take to see results?

Use our calculator to plan your progress through Evolve based on how many hours you work per week.

Hours per week

No. of Weeks


Block 1: Assignment 1

Before and After

Dimitris M., Greece
Block 8: Personal Choice
Daniel F., New Jersey, U.S.
Block 8: Personal Choice
Trevor G., Utah, U.S.
Block 8: Personal Choice
Richard P., Ohio, U.S.
Block 6: Speed Painting
Melanie W., Texas, U.S.
Block 4: Direct Painting
Old Holland Oil Paint
Makers of the finest paint in the world, since 1664. Custom mixed grayscale and two full-color palettes are hand-tailored to Evolve's program.
Brushes & Palette Knife
Working with proper tools is critical to your success. Evolve sources quality products to ensure you will be working with materials that fit your needs at each stage.
Cold-pressed Linseed Oil
When mixed into oil paint, it increases fluidity, allows brush strokes to be removed, and lengthens drying time.
Reference Materials
Professional quality photographic reference, specifically tailored to each assignment, incrementally increases in complexity as your skills improve.
Canvas & Palette Paper
Sheets of canvas are provided for each assignment. A pad of neutral gray palette paper ensures proper color mixing.
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