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Our Community

Connect with an international artistic community

Students from all around the world have been studying the same results-driven education originally developed in the brick-and-mortar Art Academy, located in Somerset County, New Jersey, USA.

The concepts taught in the Evolve Artist program have been meticulously refined over the last decade, allowing students from anywhere in the world to create finished art that is on par with the results from the physical school.


One-on-one mentoring, live group chats, homework rooms

Evolve was developed around community, a space where friendships are made in both small and large groups. Work in the comfort of your own home while never being alone.

Supporting your artistic journey every step of the way

With assignments checked twice daily by Evolve Instructors, you’re never more than twelve hours away from the personalized feedback you need to succeed.


See what your peers are making

Private online student gallery for showcasing some of the strongest work produced by your peers each week.

The Evolve Artist team

  • photo
    Kevin Murphy

    Since 1993, Kevin has delivered nearly 600 commissioned works within the fields of Illustration and Portraiture. His international clientele in both fields have quietly established him amongst collectors and peers. The Art Academy, from which the Evolve program was born, was founded by Kevin in 2009.

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    Mitch Bowler

    Mitch is the architect behind the systems that power Evolve Artist. He is an expert in remote art production, having spent a decade building AAA Art Studios in Shanghai, China. Through Evolve, he is realizing his dream to make serious art education accessible and affordable worldwide.

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    Piper Talladay
    Head Instructor

    Piper is a realist painter, focusing on contemporary equine portraiture. She’s been at the Art Academy, first as a student and then as an instructor, since 2010. Through Evolve, she helps students across the world gain the technical and professional skills they need to achieve their goals.

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