Art supplies

There are so many different oil painting supplies out there, but for beginning artists, there are only 5 important things you need to have! Photo by Natalie RunyonHave you ever been overwhelmed by the huge variety of oil painting supplies found at art stores? A beginner artist might wonder which colors to start with and how … read more

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Surprisingly, the choice of paints you use can have a dramatic impact on your learning and artistic skills development.

Learning with acrylic introduces unnecessary constraints, where as choosing to learn with oil paints actually creates more opportunities.

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Oil Painting for Beginners

Oil painting for beginners, the easy way! Follow along or watch the VIDEO as Daniel Folta of Evolve Artist teaches the 3 exercises every beginner artist needs and guides us through the process of making a simple three-dimensional painting with form and depth. Whether this is your first time starting out, or if you’re just returning … read more

Oil painting myths

Oil painting is a versatile and beginner friendly medium, contrary to popular belief! Keep reading to learn more about it. Photo by Old HollandHave you ever wanted to try oil painting, but been put off because of things you’d heard about the medium?  It’s toxic! It takes years to dry! It’s impossible to use!I’ve met many … read more